Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Review: Ransomed Dreams

Ransomed Dreams is a novel written by Sally John, best-selling author of more than fifteen novels. It is a true love story, life at its messiest. For those of you who can't stand mushy unrealistic romance, this book carries a little more depth and reality.

The story paints a picture of Sheridan and her husband Eliot Montgomery, the perfect couple. They were deeply in love, he a U.S. Ambassador, she an altruistic "amby" wife. Until a horrific assassination attempt threw everything sideways. In a desperate attempt to maintain their sanity, Sheridan and Eliot hide out in a small Mexican town, Topala, giving no one their true address or contact information. This is where the story begins. Eliot, recovering from a terrible gunshot wound, is in constant pain and emotionally completely turned off to Sheridan. The loss of her friend, love, conversationalist, and companion puts a heavy toll on Sheridan and when her sister sends for her to come home for their dying father, Sheridan goes.

The primary conflict in the story is whether or not Sheridan will stay with Eliot after the year and a half of not being there for her. She misses her old life, she misses the city, another man cares for her deeply, and her loyalties are tried and tested. A story about faith in the midst of incredible trials, raw betrayal, forgiveness and perseverance,  Ransomed Dreams will hold you captive.

**I received a free copy of this book through tyndale house publishers

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Review: God Made Your Body

I recently received a complimentary copy of God Made Your Body from Bethany House Publishers. Written by Jim Burns, this book is full of bright, interesting pictures and photographs and is a wonderful resource for parents of young children. God Made Your Body is part of a series of developmentally appropriate books called PURE FOUNDATIONS. It is geared for children ages 3-5, however I recently read it to my son and my daughter who are 2 and 3 and they were well entertained and very interested. At this young age, children are fascinated by their bodies and what makes them different. This book covers the many similarities and differences that all people have, different colored skin, hair, eyes, etc. It talks about the different parts boys and girls have with very tasteful young silhouettes drawn and how that enables them to become mommies and daddies. It touches on the development of babies as well as adoption and how every family looks different. 

There is quite a bit of writing and I was concerned that it would not hold my children's interest, however they loved the pictures and sat through the whole book. What makes this book different to other common "body" books is the depth of topics discussed and yet the tact with which they are introduced. You as a parent could go into as much depth as you felt your child was ready for. It is a tool to facilitate discussion and build relationship between parent and child and help set a foundation for conversation and openness in the future.

Who this book is good for: This is a fantastic book for any family with young children. It is great as a gift or a parenting resource. Ideally it is geared towards children aged 3-5, but it could be relevant to many age groups if your child seems receptive.

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Review: The Telling

The Telling is the final book in the Seasons of Grace series by Beverly Lewis. And I must admit to being a bit disappointed. There were no real revelations in this book. All of the conclusions to which Lewis so capably ties off were ones that I had already come to in my head. By the second book, I knew exactly what was going to happen and who was who. However, there still remains a bit of satisfaction through watching the characters dilemmas being solved. There is no doubt that this book still, even with its predictability, far surpasses most Christian fiction on the market today. However after the first two books, the third almost wasn't necessary. I think this would have been a stronger series if it were only two books therefore not allowing the reader sufficient time to draw their own conclusions.

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*I received a complimentary copy of this book through Bethany House Publishers

Monday, June 14, 2010

Review: The Missing

The Missing by Beverly Lewis is book two in her "Seasons of Grace" series. The book takes you on a journey into Amish country following the unique story of Grace Byler. The secret plaguing the Byler family begins to come to the surface as new relationships are formed and the plot "thickens" further. My only critique of this book is that by the end, I knew how the series would finish as it was a bit predictable. However, the characters are endearing and the storyline interesting. This is a book you won't want to put down! I would strongly suggest reading The Secret before beginning this book as you will have a better understanding of the characters and general plot. 

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*I received a complimentary copy of this book through Bethany House Publishers

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Review: The Secret by Beverly Lewis

Beverly Lewis is an author that has never ceased to engage me. Her's is the type of narrative that draws you into the story. Her characters are believable and well developed and you can tell that she does her research. One of America's top bestsellers, Beverly Lewis often writes her stories based on the Amish people and their simple lifestyle cannot help but endear you to them.

The Secret, book one in the Seasons of Grace series, is the story of Grace Byler. Grace is a typical young woman of the Amish community. However, her mother is often unhappy and obviously very troubled as to why, no one knows. The story focuses on Grace as the primary character, however you are also privileged to walk in the shoes of both her mother and her father throughout. The book is impeccably written and perfectly timed. It never skips or jumps through the timeline and neither does it drag. Thus you are pulled along at a lively pace as you are introduced to the plot and various characters along the way.

Who this book is good for: This book is perfect for anyone who loves Christian fiction, but more specifically towards women, I highly doubt most men would be eager to read an Amish romance novel! It is the ideal gift for an older daughter, or a mother, or sister. Any woman who has time to read will enjoy the drama presented in this story.

This book feels like historical fiction simply because of the way the Amish people live. You feel as though you are going back in time to farmhouses and no electricity and horse-pulled wagons. It makes you want to get up and bake bread from scratch, walk along the countryside and smell the intoxicating scent of apple pie. It makes you almost wish you could give up all your modern conveniences for the simplicity and elegance of the Amish lifestyle. Almost... but not quite :)

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers.

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