Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Review: Ransomed Dreams

Ransomed Dreams is a novel written by Sally John, best-selling author of more than fifteen novels. It is a true love story, life at its messiest. For those of you who can't stand mushy unrealistic romance, this book carries a little more depth and reality.

The story paints a picture of Sheridan and her husband Eliot Montgomery, the perfect couple. They were deeply in love, he a U.S. Ambassador, she an altruistic "amby" wife. Until a horrific assassination attempt threw everything sideways. In a desperate attempt to maintain their sanity, Sheridan and Eliot hide out in a small Mexican town, Topala, giving no one their true address or contact information. This is where the story begins. Eliot, recovering from a terrible gunshot wound, is in constant pain and emotionally completely turned off to Sheridan. The loss of her friend, love, conversationalist, and companion puts a heavy toll on Sheridan and when her sister sends for her to come home for their dying father, Sheridan goes.

The primary conflict in the story is whether or not Sheridan will stay with Eliot after the year and a half of not being there for her. She misses her old life, she misses the city, another man cares for her deeply, and her loyalties are tried and tested. A story about faith in the midst of incredible trials, raw betrayal, forgiveness and perseverance,  Ransomed Dreams will hold you captive.

**I received a free copy of this book through tyndale house publishers

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