Saturday, July 24, 2010

Review: The Seeker

The Seeker by Ann H Gabhart is a book about Charlotte Vance, a strong willed young woman set in Kentucky in the 1860's. Charlotte has her whole life planned out for her. Who she will marry, the land she will inherit, the path she will go. Until her father brings home a new wife and her life begins to fall apart at the seems. In a desperate attempt to escape her "step-mother's" clutches and win back her beau, Charlotte joins the local Shaker community. Although this is a historical fiction, Ann Gabhart lives just 30 miles from a restored Shaker village in Kentucky and therefore brings a lot of truth and an edge of history to the novel.

What I loved about this book: The Seeker was fascinating to me because I had never heard of the Shakers. To be honest, when I saw the white cap on the front image, I was sure it was an Amish story. The Shaker's fascinated me. I found this story incredibly believable. The characters were believable. Charlotte is believable. It is not a perfect story, it is a hard story that I believe depicts life in a more natural life. Love is not portrayed as easy or taken for granted. It is a realistic, interesting, and very satisfying read. I loved the ending. This book is not predictable.

What I didn't love about this book: It is hard to come up with any criticism for this book as I enjoyed it so much. You definitely have to be a fan of historical christian romance to enjoy this book. This book is no epic that will change your life, but it is an enjoyable and interesting read.

Overall, I would recommend The Seeker if you like the category. It is a great book for a rainy day or to give as a gift.

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