Thursday, October 21, 2010

Choosing to See by Mary Beth Chapman

All I can say is "Oh my goodness, you have to read this book!" Let me make something clear, I enjoy reading all kinds of books, but if it is not a story, not fiction, the likelihood of me actually finishing it is small. I read this book cover to cover, in a matter of days. It spoke to my mother's heart, my woman's heart, and my spiritual heart. It is Mary Beth's testimony and it is so powerful, it truly will change lives!

Many of you will remember that a few years back, Steve and Mary Beth Chapman lost their youngest daughter, their son hit her with his car. Yes, this is the story of that, but more than that, this is the story of their family. Of their lives. Of their adoptions, their careers, their testimony. Have you been craving to read something real? Have you gone to church and left feeling that everyone was fake, putting on a sunny smile where no one is free to be real????? This book will shatter all the pretenses. Mary Beth is not perfect. Yes, reply with the sunday school answer that no one is. But there you go, a perfect little sunday school answer. Mary Beth gave me a sense of freedom, she made me want to reach out and share my imperfections, relate to her, talk to her, be real with her. And that, my friends, is the power of a testimony. Not to be a pretty little package all tied up with a bow. But to be messy, to be real, and to be used for God's glory to touch lives and hearts, giving people a chance to relate! To feel that they are not alone!

Anyways, all that being said, this book truly did start a change in my life. A passion to be real. And a passion for adoption. Adoption is always something I have considered, but after reading this book, I put it down and told Jonathan "we will adopt one day". We will wait until God opens that door financially and emotionally for us as a family, but I know with all my heart that the day will come when we will fulfill our calling to look after the fatherless. There is a child out there who needs a mother, and I intend to find him/her.

Read this book! You will not be sorry you did. Give it as a gift, keep it in your bookshelf, but don't just put it on the side to think about.... sit down and read it. It will have you laughing, crying, and will show you the power of a true testimony!

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**I received a complimentary review copy of this book through Baker Publishing Group

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