Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Review: Hurricanes in Paradise

I recently read the new book by Denise Hildreth titled, "Hurricanes in Paradise." I really enjoyed it! It is the story of four women who meet at a luxury hotel by chance and how their lives are drastically changed through the personal "storms" they are walking through.

The book begins a bit on the slow side. You are introduced to the four characters and Hildreth hints at the "deep, dark secrets" that are simmering beneath the surface. The whole first half of the book is devoted to background and character development. Which gives it the depth and flavour of a great novel while hindering its ability to truly grasp and pull you in to the storyline. However, it is the second half of the book that started to pick up the pace. The plot reaches its climax and it was hard to put it down. You discover the secrets the women are harbouring and follow them on their individual journeys of healing and relationship. There is a sense of intrigue and mystery in the story that keep the reader on their toes wondering what will happen next while still maintaining its dramatic tone of voice.

Hildreth hits the nail on the head in her note from the author when she writes, "And yet this is more than a story of survival; it is about learning to live." If you are looking for an inspirational book that keeps you turning the pages, then you will enjoy this book. I certainly did!

*I received this advance reader copy book free of charge through tyndale house publishers

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