Monday, April 19, 2010

Review: Safely Home by Randy Alcorn

I have never forgotten this book from the day that I read it nearly two years ago. I kept forgetting the name of the book and who it was written by. So it was one of those, "Oh, you know, there's this great book about a guy... I forget who wrote it." When I finally stumbled upon the name again, I was dumbfounded and had to buy it. Let me state, for the record, that this book is AMAZING!

The general storyline is about a successful North American businessman who goes to China for a business trip. While there he decides to go and see his old college room-mate. He is drawn in to the life of this Chinese Christian who is under intense persecution for his faith. This in itself would be a great story, but Alcorn doesn't stop there. The second half of the story bounces between heaven and earth giving you an eternal perspective on day-to-day life. You are given an intimate glimpse to the possibilities of eternity from Alcorn's point-of-view, and it gave me so much hope! One the things I treasure most on this earth is the ability to learn new things. And after reading this book, I truly believe that that is something that will never stop. I somehow always had the idea that when I went to heaven I would automatically know everything. Perhaps a naive view of eternity, but a view nonetheless. I now strongly believe that that will not be so. I believe that when I get to heaven, I will have the ability to ask questions and learn and grow in my knowledge of God and who He is.

This book is exciting, inspiring, sad, touching, and truly memorable. It is definitely one of my most favourite Christian fiction books I have ever read. I strongly recommend it to anyone, anywhere!

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