Friday, April 23, 2010

Review: Pocket Full of Rocks

Do you ever listen to a CD and bop along mindlessly to the music? I mean, the songs are catchy, the lyrics are great, and you enjoy listening to it? That is the essence of Pocket Full of Rocks hit CD, "Manifesto". For anyone who enjoys Christian music, you will enjoy this CD. What's not to like? What really brought me to love this CD, however, wasn't the music. I recently did some research on the band and came up with some interesting results.

Pocket Full of Rocks is a band that was started back in 1995 by lead singer Michael Farren and drummer David Rollins as a means to lead worship in their local Texas church. From there, they branched out to work with colleges, organizations, and youth groups all over the United States. Comprised of Farren, his wife Alisa (vocals), Rollins, Jody Crump (bass), Ryan Riggins (electric guitar), and Kyle Lee (rhythm and acoustic guitar), the band has spent over 15 years as a successful, independent band. They believe in the heart of spontaneous worship, often leading worship without a set list to provide room to write their own songs while they sing.

These are the aspects that make Pocket Full of Rocks more than just a band. Their hearts and inspiration are truly spirit-filled. Creating a CD that is a timeless addition to any household!

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