Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Review: The Revolutionary Paul Revere by Joel J. Miller

I just completed the book: The Revolutionary Paul Revere by Joel J. Miller. This is a book that encompasses the extraordinary life of Paul Revere. More often than not, history bores me not because of its lack of detail, but because of its poor presentation. This book presents very well. For a historical account it was interesting and generally captivated my interest. This is a book that you read and walk away from a better person. How could I not be inspired by the incredible life of Paul Revere? Joel J. Miller takes you back to a time and a place that has been forgotten by most and had the unexpected effect of making me nostalgic. 

I must admit to my previous ignorance to the history of the American Revolution. However, this book gave me a whole new appreciation for liberty, and what it means. The American colonists fought for freedom, they fought to be represented and they fought to be heard. I wonder if we fight the same way today? It is much easier to sit back and let someone else take the reigns on our political rights and freedoms that these men fought for. 

If I could have asked for anything to be different in the book, I would have liked the pictures to be larger. I found myself squinting to see the intricate details on Revere's engravings or a particular portrait. Otherwise I found it refreshing and a mentally stimulating read that I know I will come back to.

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**This book was provided free of charge by Thomas Nelson  

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