Friday, April 23, 2010

Review: Moments Together For Couples

Moments Together For Couples by Dennis and Barbara Rainey is a fantastic couples devotional. My favourite aspect of this book is how short the daily readings are. You can literally do it in five minutes if that is all the time you have, or spend more time discussing and spend an hour. It brings husband and wife together for a time of discussion and prayer, drawing them closer to each other and God.

The days are set up according to the calendar and the daily readings no more than one page long. They start with a Bible verse, a short reading, a discussion section and ending with prayer. The discussion area gives two or three short questions for you to discuss as a couple and the prayer section directs you to pray for an area in your relationship or general life.

This book is designed to go through in a year, making it a great new years resolution to spend more time together. For more information on Moments Together For Couples or to purchase your favourite Christian books, check out

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  1. I get these devotionals on email every day. They're great!